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Reine Energie Reinertrag

Viaduct Engineering Building

The heat and cool demand of this engineering are 14 and 7,3 kW, so a Junkers heat pump was installed with 14,4+9 kW nominal performance.


This heat pump supplies the domestic hot water demand, too and it has a weather-dependent regulator.
There are 3 pieces BHEs with 80 m depth on the primary side of this system. The pipes are single BHE with 40 mm diameter and the primary side is filled with ethylene glycol and water. The grouting material is bentonite-cement. This system utilized ~11kW geothermal heat.
The free-cooling is done by heat exchanger on the primary side. The heat pump makes domestic hot water in a 360-liter combined tank.
According to the plan this heat pump system was installed by the HGD Ltd.

Angewandte Technologie: 
Wärmepumpe-System mit Erdwärmekollektoren
14,4 kW
9 kW