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About us

Dear Visitor! You are currently studying the information sheet of the 1st in Hungary, 4th in Europe and the 7th largest* heat pump designing and implementing company.

The HGD Ltd. was established in 1996. The founder and owner of the company is a private person, Bela Adam, with more than 30 years experience in the domestic and international oil research projects, mainly in drilling and energetic special fields. Since its foundation the HGD Ltd. shows ever-increasing results due to the high professional competence of its young, go-ahead and well-educated engineers and drilling specialists. The company is continuously developing its technology, updating tools and improving its services according to the requirements of the market. Recently, our company is the enterprise dealing with the utilization of renewable energies and possessing the best references on the Hungarian geothermal heat pump market.

We set the popularization of geothermal heat pump heating, cooling and hot water producing systems as our main target contrary to the less efficient and environment polluting gas boilers! In recent years we became one of the determinant market leaders in the special field of heat pumps. The number of our partners is growing continuously and even the energetic governmental authorities pay attention to our expertise. We represent the development of systems utilizing environment friendly renewable energy sources in a great number of professional associations. In 2009 our company became the key member of Electrical Works-North Hungarian Electricity Supply Company (short in Hungarian: ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Group) and as its qualified partner we can help our clients to apply for GEO-tariffs. While performing our tasks we consider the quality of our services, the protection of our environment and the safety of the employees and involved parties as the most important factors of our activities.

When developing and operating the quality, environment oriented and Enterprise Resource Planning system we committed ourselves to continuously improve our activities and to continuously increase the level of customers’ satisfaction and our services. In order to realize these fundamental objectives, since December 2010 we operate a quality management system according to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standards in the field of designing, expertise and project management, the utilization of renewable energies, water management and engineering geology. On basis of the information we gained during the operation and from the customers’ demands, in March 2011 we decided to further expand our existing management system. The development resulted in the introduction of the integrated quality and environment oriented management system that meets even the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 standards. Just come and learn our quality policy!

Our main philosophy:

Designing, licensing, tendering, complete installation of heat pump heating, cooling and hot water producing systems, by both vertical closed loop and open water well or air source methods involving family houses, large office buildings (8 kW - 1000 kW) or on demand up to larger efficiencies.
Designing and implementation of complete building heating and cooling: with wall, ceiling, underflow, fan-coil heating and cooling systems.
Geothermal well tests
Geological, hydrogeological expertise, designing and licensing
Mining-engineering expertise and consultancy
Designing, licensing of drilling works, drilling of water wells, installation of water monitoring well systems.
Implementation of other exploratory wells /pebble research/

In the period of 2005-2011 our company drilled the most of the heat exchangers and installed heat pump systems of more megawatt. Since our foundation we take pride in more than 10,000 kW built-in heat pump capacities and in installing 200,000 meters geothermal heat exchangers all over the country. We are also experienced in designing and drilling water wells (about 300 pieces in various parts of the country, in different rock conditions).

Some examples of our installed systems:

  • Tesco Hypermarket, Budapest, XIV. district: 1150 kW with rooftops
  • Tesco Hypermarket, Budapest, XVII. district: 820 kW with rooftops
  • Telenor Office Building, Törökbálint: Heating: 860 kW, Cooling: 960 kW
  • Lidl Supermarket, Győr: 105 kW heat pump system
  • Aivarex Ltd., Budapest, XVI. district: 55 kW heat pump system
  • Kovács Ltd., Mezőkövesd, heat exchanger system: 70 pcs 125 m PE100
  • Raiffeisen Bank, Budapest, XV. district: Heating: 450 kW, Cooling: 818 kW
  • Páty: reference heat pump system operating with heating: 610 kW, cooling: 610 kW efficiency, received national special environmental support
  • heat pump heating and cooling of an industrial workshop of 325 kW.

Installation of heat pump systems: 8-1000 kW heating capacity, bore holes, including but not limited to:

  • Diósd, Debrecen, Balatonakali, Szentendre, Veresegyház, Kecskemét, Budafok, Hatvan, Jászberény, and several places in Budapest.

Designing and licensing systems utilizing renewable energy sources. Fitting thermal water and heat pump systems, completing with solar collector.

  • Gödöllő, Kecskemét, Gébárt, Veresegyház


  • Complete designing and licensing of geothermal heat pump systems from family houses up to larger industrial investments. Drilling ground heat exchangers for geothermal heat pump systems.
  • Expertise of geothermal deep drillings, realization of fitted thermal water wells and heat pump investments.
  • Water well drilling, water well repairing up to 200 m deep. Type test of drilling equipment for localization of domestic and foreign types of machines. Technical and safety survey of drilling equipment for Mining Authorities.
  • Mineral raw material explanatory wells, sampling. Market research of drilling equipment types, elaboration of preparatory studies of investments, control and expertise of commissioning procedures.
  • Introducing new drilling technologies, elaboration of the necessary instructions.

Applied drilling technologies:

  • Rotary drilling with water, air and foam flushing
  • Auger dry drilling
  • Percussion drilling with hydraulic hammer
  • Down deep-hole hammer with air and foam flushing
  • Core drilling

As the registered experts of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers we are in possession of all designer’s and expertise’s licenses necessary for performing the above mentioned activities. Our company works in close cooperation also with thermal energy research companies and manufacturers of wind power plants and solar collectors in the field of utilizing renewable energy resources.

We are members of the Hungarian Heat Pump Association, the Hungarian Geothermal Association (HGA), the Hungarian Association of Renewable Energy Sources and the Hungarian Thermal Energy Society. We are in professional relationship to the International Geothermal Association (IGA), the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) and the largest heat pump manufacturers. In our other special field we are working for the Association of Hungarian Water Well Drillers.

Our company takes regularly part in the domestic special and environment protection exhibitions such as: CONSTRUMA, INDUSTRIA, RENEXPO, CEP, ÖKOINDUSTRIA...

We do hope that we can welcome you soon among our Partners requiring our


Just rely on HGD Ltd. and profit from our expertise: until the end of 2010 we took pride in more than 10,000 kW built-in heat pump capacity and in installing 200,000 m geothermal heat exchangers all over the country!



 To get more information about our activities, services please look at our homepage! We wish you pleasant and useful time with us!