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Design of water wells

For satisfying industrial water, diversion requirements or drinking water demand respectively water demand of heat pump systems based on water utilization the most widely used catchment solution is drilling or excavating well(s). When designing wells we determine and plan technical parameters that can widely satisfy demands as well as the necessary number of wells on basis of results of the analysis made on territorial, geological and hydrogeolocial parameters.

I. Definition of water demand: 
  - water demand of the client
  - in case of industrial water demand – water quantity necessary for technology
  - in case of renewable energy system, the water quantity necessary for the heat quantity as determined by the designer

II. The initial data of well designing:
  - daily water demand (m3/day; l/p);
  - annual water demand (m3/year);
  - water use character (continuous/periodical)

III. Documents necessary for designing and planning to be provided by the Client:
  - copy of map from Land Registry (1:2880, 1:4000, 1:2000, 1:1000);
  - proprietorship register (not older than 30 days);
  - Commission for performing the job and the licensing process.

In knowledge of water demands we prepare catchment or hydrogeological expertise on basis of the hydrogeological data of the planning area and parameters of wells available in the area.

In the expertise we make proposal for:
- the depth of wells
- technical design of wells
- the required number of wells 
- the proposed allocation of wells 
- for borehole drilling in areas with insufficient data

IV. Content of well plan:
- determination of water catchment objective;
- location of well (X, Y, Z coordinates);
- objective of well; type of well;
- effective capacity of catchment;
- operation characteristics of catchment;
- well design;
- description of construction works;
- drilling and piping plan; 
- location, type of packing;
- environment and other regulations;
- required well tests;
- data service.

Licensing is performed by the competent regional authority of the „Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, Natural Protection and Water Management” (IEPNPWM).
Construction works can be started exclusively in possession of water rights implementation permit.

Exclusively well sinker of required professionalism and competence is allowed to be commissioned for well drilling works.

After completion of well the prescribed tests should be performed and liabilities to provide information should be met as stipulated in the permit. Water analysis must be performed in accredited laboratory.
Until final closing of well-head the well should be protected against potential getting-in of any substance.

Following the final structural design and hydraulic machinery fittings of well-head the water rights operating permit should be applied for the well.

When no data, plans and designs and permits are available for wells, a status plan is to be elaborated on basis of state survey and well tests and a perpetuance permit can be applied for.